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Infusion Backpacks

All Resilience Medical backpacks are made and perfected from the feedback of consumers, patients, parents, nurses, and doctors. They satisfy both the needs and desired of those who have to use the bag daily.

All backpacks are customized to individual consumer needs. Backpacks contain hooks to hang infusion/ feed bags, a grommet that allows the tubing to discreetly be fed through the back of the backpack, and an easy access mesh pocket where the pump can be placed for accessibility and comfort. Some styles contain a  whole section dedicated to organizing your supplies and personal items. The compartments can fit IV flushes or tube feed syringes.

There are styles from pediatrics to adults, including professional and sleek styles. Buying a Resilience Medical backpack is one of the best gifts you can buy yourself or a friend who may need tube feeds, TPN, Chemotherapy, Dialysis and/or oxygen therapy. 

Infusion Backpacks
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