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Meet Our Director of Sales

Meet Our Director of Sales
Deborah Federiconi, RN, BSN
 Deborah is a RN/BSRN who served at Oshei’s Women & Children's Hospital in the Operating Room, as well as, Interventional Radiology Unit assisting with surgeries & procedures.
She often found herself making accessories out of basic bandages and other medical supplies to help her patients. She wished there were more stylish, cuter, and more practical options for them. 
Deborah felt there was so much more to nursing than preforming surgeries and procedures, providing patients medication and taking doctors orders.
She said, "I feel nursing is about preserving a patient's dignity, providing them comfort, and advocating for them. Allowing patients to choose what they want to wear or choose the accessories that reflect their personality actually helps in the healing process because when patients feel better, they heal better!"  
Deborah is excited to help expand our product line and bring her clinical experience to the table as Director of Sales.