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Meet Our Founder


Meet Diana Donnarumma 

Diana Donnarumma, an experienced model, speaker, entrepreneur, business owner and multi-organ transplant recipient and is the founder of Resilience Medical.

Diana oversees the operation, advertising, marketing, sales, and order fulfillment of Resilience Medical. She started the company from a hospital bed when she was terminally ill with intestinal failure. During that time, Diana lost all ability to eat, drink and take oral medication due to the paralysis of her digestive track. She was sustained with a life-saving IV nutrition therapy, also called total parenteral nutrition (TPN). She was connected to a pump that gave her the body the calories, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needed for survival. The lifesaving IV nutrition was administered through a central line in her chest, called a Hickman.

Although Diana was very ill, she used her company as a reason or drive to get up in the morning. Her desire to help others was very strong and allowed her to focus on something other than her failing body. Although Diana lost her health, she never understood why people would tell her things like, “you are too pretty to be sick,”, or “You don’t look sick. Look how cute your outfit is.”

Diana quickly realized there was a huge misconception about chronic illness and what being sick actually looks like. She would often say, “I lost my health. I didn’t lose my personality or style. I still take pride in the way I look and carry myself, even on very bad health days.”

Diana spent a lot of time in the hospital before and after her multi-organ transplant, which included, her small intestine, her large intestine, the removal of her stomach and the rerouting of her organs. They considered also transplanting the stomach and pancreas, but the surgeon told her it could add years to wait on the organ transplant list and also increase your risk for rejection. The doctor informed her that transplant really just exchanges one set of problems of another. However, this was her last option and hope. The transplant was very risky. Only around 3000 people in the world have had an intestinal transplant. Diana received her ‘perfect match’ only one week after being listed for transplant in October 2017.

As you can imagine, Diana's extensive health issues forced her to basically “become a nurse” overnight, and their house contained more medical equipment than a pharmacy. During this time, Diana tested and tried many medical products to determine what supplies best suited her, what she wanted and what she needed! Diana felt that the items provided to patients were cheap, poorly made, and also stripped individuals of their value, style and personality. Diana couldn’t stand the infusion backpacks that the home healthcare and infusion pharmacy provided, or the gowns in the hospital that patients are forced to wear. Diana thought that she could create products of a better quality that were more in sync with the identity she wanted to portray to the world.

After researching options, Diana felt that these wasn't medical accessories or clothing that suited her preferences. If there were products available, they were overpriced and still ugly. She put herself on a mission to create superior medical products that people actually want to use or were excited to wear. She put her own opinion of what worked best for her and used customer feedback to continually meet consumer need and improve the company’s product line.

Resilience Medical is now an extremely successful medical product company with a global audience. She is closing the gap between fashion and medicine; and her medical products are improving patients’ quality of life one product at a time.

The backpack is beyond my expectations. Well made of quality material with room for my son’s 2 infusion pumps and bags. Also space for his his infusion and ostomy supplies. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
If you’re thinking about getting this backpack.. GET IT!! The seller is absolutely INCREDIBLE to work with and so sweet! She worked with me to figure out which bag would accommodate my TPN, TPN pump, tube feed and flush bags, and my Kangaroo Joey pump! This bag fits it all AND has room for all my tube and PICC/TPN supplies, medications, emergency/rescue meds, and still has room for more!! The bag also isn’t too heavy on the back even with carrying all this heavy stuff! Plus, the bag is great quality and so pretty! Seriously can’t recommend it enough!!!
Awesome high quality, great layout, perfect for insulin. Shipped in a blink and packaging was super cute! Highly recommend!
Stephanie Valdez
I have been eyeing this backpack for a while because I was unsure of the quality of the backpack and construction. Now that I have it, I couldn't be happier! The straps and back are very comfortable (and I was using a highly padded backpack before this). From the metal strap adjusters to the lining, this is really a very well thought out design using quality materials. I use the kangaroo Joey pump with the 1000ml feed and flush set, so a lot of liquid with a big pump. It carries my two bags and pump with plenty to spare along with meds, wallet, phone and anything else you may want to have on hand. Even with everything I want in there I can still fit a jacket, laptop, water bottle, umbrella, and more. Even still it does not feel large when wearing. Couldn't speak more highly of it!
Sarah Phillips
LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! It has helped us in so many ways with adjusting to an adult child having to have a g-tube. My daughter loves it and can easily put it on during her feedings instead of feeling 'stuck' with it on a medical pole. Great for traveling and using it at home. It is lovingly used every single day! Great craftsmanship - I feel like it will last forever. I might have to buy a 2nd one as a back up. :-) Thank you
I LOVE my gowns! Had my baby Friday and literally wearing my gown as I lay here in my hospital bed. Everything about it is perfect and it fits well. Thank you so much for making my experience exactly what I wanted! You’re awesome!
ChrisB Lovely
I absolutely LOVE this gown. It's not just comfortable its logical. It has POCKETS, buttons all the way down the back so no more bum bum surprises and my personal favorite is the snaps to access central lines like my Hickman. Thank you so much for making my transplant hospital stay comfortable and fashionable 🖤🤍🖤
Katie Silva Mendez
I love the hospital gowns. They are so much better than the ones they provide in the hospital that never fit. Hospitals seem to think one size fits all. Best of all they provide better coverage. I love the pineapple design. It is so bright and cheery. I now own 3 gowns in different designs and love them all.
This backpack is so much better (and cuter) than the one provided by our DME. My 25 pound toddler is able to carry it with his two pumps (Curlin and Infinity). The seller was very responsive and helpful. We get compliments on it almost daily.
Bethany Graves
Quality item, excellent service! It's so nice for someone to provide an item that will certainly make my hospital stay more comfortable. Thank you!